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Book reviews

Cambodia Votes: Democracy, Authority and International Support for Elections 1993-2013, by Michael Luke Sullivan. International Institute for Asian Studies Newsletter. 78 (Autumn 2017). Published online 15 September 2017.

Man or Monster? The Trial of a Khmer Rouge Torturer, by Alexander Laban Hinton. International Institute for Asian Studies. August 2017. Published online 24 August 2017.

The Country of Memory: Remaking the Past in Late Socialist Vietnam, edited by Hue- Tam Ho Tai. Asian Affairs 33, 2 (June 2002): 280-82.

Gender, Household, State: Doi Moi in Viet Nam, edited by Jayne Werner and Danièle Bélanger. Asian Affairs 33, 2 (June 2002): 279-80.

Loyalty Demands Dissent: Autobiography of an Engaged Buddhist, by Sulak Sivaraksa. The Journal of the Siam Society 86, 1&2 (1998): 243-44.

Khmer Mythology: Secrets of Angkor, by Vittorio Roveda. The Journal of the Siam Society 86, 1&2 (1998): 242-43.

Thailand’s Boom and Bust, by Pasuk Phongpaichit and Chris Baker. The Journal of the Siam Society 86, 1&2 (1998): 241-42.

“Economic Reform in Vietnam.” Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars 28, 3-4 (July- December 1996): 116-23.

The Thai Economy in Transition, edited by Peter G. Warr. The Journal of the Siam Society 84, 1 (1996): 139-42.

La nouvelle frontiere lao-vietnamienne: Les accords de 1977-1990, by Bernard Gay. IBRU Boundary and Security Bulletin 3, 4 (Winter 1995-1996): 102-3.

Siam Mapped: A History of the Geo-Body of a Nation, by Thongchai Winichakul. The Journal of the Siam Society 82, 1&2 (1994): 190-91.

Thailand and the United States: Development, Security, and Foreign Aid, by Robert J. Muscat. The Journal of the Siam Society 82, 1&2 (1994): 189-90.