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Op-Ed Articles

“A Transatlantic Perspective on the Libyan Election.” Op-Med [Opinions on the

Mediterranean]. August 2012 (

“Libya’s missteps threaten descent into federalism.” [with Jason Pack]. Aljazeera. June 14, 20012 (

“Elections, Federalism, and Uncertainty.” [with Jason Pack]. Libya Herald. June 3, 20012 (

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“Moammar Gadhafi, who lived and died in violence.” CNN Opinion. CNN World. October 20, 2011 (

“‘Optimistic’ Signs for democracy.” 5 voices: After Gadhafi, then what?. CNN World. September 17, 2011 (

“Forging a National Identity.” Room for Debate: A Running Commentary on the News. New York Times [op-ed]. August 23, 2011 (

“Consider past in plans for a post-Gaddafi Libya.” Financial Times [Letter to the Editor]. June 29, 2011 (

Why Tribes Matter.” The New York Times. February 23, 2011 (

“A defining moment for Libya’s ‘King of Kings.’” The Daily Star (Beirut). 24 March 2009.

“Challenges, opportunities face Obama in the Middle East.” Journal Star (Peoria, IL). 17 January 2009.

“U.S. Ideological Rigidity Causes Blowback around Globe.” Journal Star (Peoria, IL), 16 January 2005.

“Vietnam Haunting U.S. in Iraq.” Journal Star (Peoria, IL), 13 June 2004.

“Move Foreign Policy toward Engaging, Not Isolating, Syria.” Journal Star (Peoria, IL), 2 May 2004.

“Highlighting Shared Beliefs.” Journal Star (Peoria, IL), 16 April 2004.

“Sanctions, Spies and Shuttered Societies.” Global Beat Syndicate, 23 March 2004.

“Bush Doctrine Has Failed to Remake Mideast for the Better.” Journal Star (Peoria, IL), 7 March 2004.

“Libyan Accords: A Victory for Diplomacy.” Global Beat Syndicate, 26 January 2004.

“The Real State of the Union: Judging the Bush Doctrine on Iraq Performance.” Global Beat Syndicate, 5 January 2004.

“Learning from an Ousted President.” Middletown Press (Middletown, CT), 17 December 2003.

“Learning from an Ousted President.” Daily Press (St. Mary’s, PA), 16 December 2003.

“Learning from an Ousted President.” Minuteman Media, 10 December 2003.

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“Nation-building vs. State-building in Iraq.” The Morning Journal (Lorain, OH), 3 August 2003.

“U.S. Mustn’t Confuse State-building with Nation-building.” The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA), 3 August 2003.

“Bush Team Confused Nation-building, State-building in Iraq.” The Hour (Norwalk, CT), 2 August 2003.

“Latin America Needs New Solutions to Old Problems.” Journal Star (Peoria, IL), 29 June 2003.

“Nation-Building Is a Tall Order.” Holland Sentinel (Holland, MI), 27 April 2003.

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